Being hand made, each Henkerman® Hanger has been cut, lathed, sanded, pressed, suspended, glued, hammered, screwed, painted and polished through the production process.  We have provided some Care Tips for you so you can get the most out of your Henkerman® Hanger collection.




The Hanger Hooks are made from a very durable and high quality steel, either gold or pearl nickel plated.  If you come across minor scratches or rough edges, this can be caused during the part of the manufacturing process where the steel is gripped by special equipment and bent into shape.  Do not grind or sand the hooks yourself.



Hanger clips found on the Pant and Skirt hangers are designed to hold your clothes firmly in place. They contain a grooved rubber pad for this purpose.  If certain materials are hung for extended periods of time, clothes may get a small but generally temporary indentation.  If this happens, do not fear as this will normally dissipate through the course of the day.  Never hang delicate clothes using the clips. 

Pant bars found on coat/suit & shirt/dress hangers are an alternate way to hang pants and skirts without clips. Pant bars are velvet flocked to grip clothing and help prevent them falling on the floor. They are designed to hold up to 3 pairs of trousers simultaneously. Do not pull the pant bar with strength as it may cause the pant bar to come loose.



Flocking is a velvet material designed to stop your clothes from slipping off. Flocking material is glued into place and is generally very durable. However, if you press or indent the material too hard you will probably find yourself damaging it. If you see little dots and marks on the flocking, it is more than likely simply caused by the clothing which was hanging there once before. To clean the flocking, take a little bit of sticky tape and pad it down. Do not use a moist cloth as you may discolour the hangers with residue from the cloth itself.



Hangers are items you use quite often so it is natural that you might smudge, mark or find another blemish on them from time to time. Do not use chemical sprays or soaps on the wood as you may cause discolourations to the hanger exterior depending on the product you used. Don't use abrasive cleaning pads as once again you might cause further marks which you won't want.  If you do find a mark, smudge or abrasion on your hangers, please use a dry or just slightly water moistened cloth to wipe the hanger wood off. To remove sticky residue we recommend using a product called Orange Power by Planet Ark.  Simply apply a small amount to a clean dry cloth and wipe.



Never throw your hangers around or treat them roughly during use.  If you do, it is only natural that you could end up with mark on the timber. Our hangers are made from durable Beechwood, however if you mistreat them, don't be surprised if they end up with some minor damage as a result.  They are very robust with normal usage.



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