FAQ's: Henkerman Luxury Coat and Clothes Hangers




1. What is the minimum and maximum number of clothes and coat hangers I may purchase?
A. Minimum of 1. There is no maximum number of Coat/Suit, Shirt/Dress, Pant/Skirt, Belt, Tie, or Scarf hangers you may order, however orders are subject to stock availablility.

2. What is the Minimum Order for Custom-Made Coat and Clothes Hangers?
A. 50 of any one Hanger Type.

3. What may I get engraved on my personalised or wedding hangers?
A. Typcially people will just have a name engraved on their personalised coat, clothes and suit hangers. One Wedding Hangers, people will typically choose an idicia plus add the name of the person to whom will be using the hangers and sometimes alos the date of the wedding.

4. Can I reuse my Henkerman®VIP first order discount voucher more than once?
A. You may only use your Henkerman®VIP first order discount code once. Become a Henkerman®Vip here and you will be first to receive future Henkerman news, stories, product previews and exclusive offers.

5. Does Henkerman run sales?
A. Henkerman may run general visitor seasonal promotions shown via popups from time-to-time. Henkerman®VIP subscribers are offered additional exclusive offers via our newsletters from time to time. If you have not subscribed you may do so here and will recieve a first order discount.

6. What is your Volume Pricing about?
A. The more you buy the lower the cost per hanger you will pay.  We can do this dues to econoimies of scale - hangers become cheaper to produce when we can deal with larger volumes of raw materials. In addition, hangers are cheaper to ship in bulk (on a per hanger basis) - so we are able to pass some of these savings back to our customers. Volume based discounts are available to everyone and automatically calculated at the checkout.

7. Do you Offer Free Shipping?
A. Free and discount shipping is available to all shop visitors who spend over $150AUD.

8. Can I purchase hangers with Crypto-currency?
A. Yes. Please click here for more information.

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9. What CoatClothes and Suit hanger products are available in your Wardrobe Hanger range?
A. Please click on the keyword of choice to be taken to the exact hanger product you desire.

Coat HangersSuit HangersJacket HangersShirt HangersDress HangersTrouser HangersPant HangersSkirt HangersBelt and Tie HangersBelt HangersBelt OrganisersTie HangersTie OrganisersScarf HangersScarf OrganisersGarment HangersWooden HangersTimber HangersVelvet HangersFlocked HangersBlack HangersWhite HangersMahogany HangersLight Natural HangersBest Coat HangersBest Clothes HangersWedding HangersBridal HangersPersonalised HangersCustom HangersLuxury Coat HangersLuxury Clothes HangersHigh Quality Coat HangersHigh Quality Clothes HangersPremium Clothes HangersPremium Coat HangersMen's HangersWomen's Hangers.

10. What is the difference between your Henkerman Wardrobe Clothes and Suit Hanger Packages and your standalone wardrobe hanger products?
A. Hanger Packages have been compiled to make your investment decision simple. Packages are comprised of popular hanger ratios: 1 x Coat/Suit Hanger | 3 x Shirt/Dress Hangers | 1 x Pant/Skirt Hanger. You may also fine tune your Wardrobe Hanger Package purchase by adding individual clothes, coat and suit hangers.



11. How do I care for the hangers after I receive them?
A. Please be sure to keep the hangers away from damp areas.  The steel is rust resistent however is not totally rust proof in damp conditions. For more care instructions, please visit our Henkerman Wardrobe Hanger Care Tips.

12. Can I hang wet clothes on my Henkerman Hangers?
A. Whilst we have tested the hangers for colour runs from hanger to clothing, we never recommend hanging wet clothes on Henkerman hangers. See more wardrobe hanger care tips.



13. What is my Delivery Time for my Henkerman Hangers?
A. Typically orders will be dispatched by couier or post within 7 days of order.  However, this time may be extended when we are awaiting delivery of new stock. Please check availability notices posted on the product pages. Please see here for more detailed information about your Henkerman Wardrobe Hanger Delivery.

14. Is there a longer lead time if I order personalised or wedding hangers?
A. Yes, lead times are normally 3-5 days longer for personalised and wedding hanger delivery due to our engraving process.

15. How will my hangers be packaged whe I receive them?
A. We will automatically gift box all hanger purchases up to 20 hangers.  Bulk hanger purchases over this quantity are shipped in our commercial boxing as this is more environmentally friendly and more practical for delivery as it requires fewer cartons.