At Henkerman® we want to make your shopping experience for our luxury clothes hanger products simple and flexible. Order from our classic hanger stock collections, personalise them as gifts or customise them to your exact requirements. Make-over your whole wardrobe or just purchase a few at a time - it's up to you!


For enquiries, please contact us:
1. Email us: enquire@henkerman.com.au.
2. Contact Us via our web form.
3. Phone Us: +61 (0)414 877 021 (Based in Australia)

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Our packaged options make shopping fast and simple.  Select a quantity of hangers from 10 to 100 using our common hanger purchase ratios.

High Quality Luxury Clothes and Coat Hanger Packages




Specify the exact types and quantities you want from our Men's or Women's collections. Our collections feature hangers for Coats/Suits, Shirts/Dresses and Pant/Skirts in addition to accessory hangers for Ties, Belts and Scarves.

High Quality Luxury Clothes and Coat Hangers












Have a name or logo engraved onto a plaque and mounted to the front of your Henkerman hangers.  All personalised hangers are delivered together in a complimentary matt-black gift box with ribbon. A great gift idea to hang the most prized garments.

High Quality Luxury Personalised Clothes and Coat Hangers



Our classic hanger designs make the perfect momento for weddings. Engraved for the bride, groom or wedding party, they will be used to create a special memory on the day and then can safely store the suits and gowns well into the future.

High Quality Luxury Wedding Clothes and Coat Hangers




We offer three types of accessory hangers to match your collection for Belts, Ties and Scarves.

Henkerman Belt, Tie and Scarf Hangers



You may customise any aspect of our hanger designs. Be it colour, length, shoulder width or plaque - we've got all options covered. Minimum order 50+ Hangers. Please allow 10-14 weeks delivery.

High Quality Luxury Custom Clothes and Coat Hangers




From time, to time, Henkerman offers strictly limited amounts of factory second stock available for purchase in packs of 10. 

These factory second hangers are selling for 25% Off their online price and have minor cosmetic faults which do not meet our quality control standards to sell in 'as new' condition.

Henkerman Factory Seconds Hangers




From time to time, Henkerman offers Special Clearance hanger packages and sets not part of our standard stocked hanger ranges.

Hangers listed on our 'Special Clearance' page attract savings of up to 15% off our full price hangers. All hangers listed on the 'Special Clearance' page are in brand new condition.

Henkerman Hangers Best Sellers











Email Queries: enquire@henkerman.com.au





Our stunning high quality coat and clothes hangers are shipped all around the world to homes, for gifts and to businesses. Our classic hanger collections not only add sophistication to your own wardrobe but also make the perfect and unique personal or wedding gift idea.

Our matching ranges are specifically built for men’s and women’s different sizing to ensure the best fit for clothes. They are velvet flocked in just right places to ensure clothes don’t slip. They bring together efficient functional design and beautiful harmonised aesthetics.




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