At Henkerman®, we like to generate and share original content that represents our brand.  As such we are looking for bloggers and creative people to work with to help create and share it.  We also look for fresh businesses to work with and help promote us.


We know that great content shown to engaged viewers is essential to building our brand awareness.  As a blogger, you are a trusted source of recommendations and referrals.  As a creative you are an important original source of expression.  As a business you are an outlet for representing our brand.  As such we know getting our products into your hands is a great way for us to develop our business in the wider community.

Henkerman Hanger Photographer in Action

So whether you're a blogger, photographer, videographer, graphic designer, writer, musician, artist, business or anyone else with a collaboration idea - we would love to hear from you and explore things.


If you are interested in discussing collaboration ideas with Henkerman® further, please contact us using this form.