The Story of Audrey Hepburn's Rise to Fashion Film Icon Posted on 15 Apr 17:57



Audrey Hepburn's rise to become a fashion icon and a beloved figure in film history is a fascinating story that intertwines her talent, grace, and unique collaborations with influential designers. Born in Belgium in 1929, Hepburn's early life was marked by the challenges of World War II, which instilled in her a resilience and sophistication that later shone through in her acting roles.

5 Steps to Transforming Your Closet Space with Henkerman® Luxury Hangers Posted on 7 Mar 13:04

Henkerman Luxury Timber Clothes and Coat Hanger Collections


A well-organised and aesthetically pleasing closet is not only about efficiency—it's a statement of personal style and the importance you place on caring for your wardrobe. Henkerman® Luxury Hangers are at the forefront of combining functionality with sophistication, offering a seamless way to elevate your closet space. Follow these five steps to transform your closet into a haven of elegance and order.

Transforming Spaces: How Henkerman® Hangers Brought Elegance to My Wardrobe Posted on 7 Mar 12:15

Henkerman Classic Luxury Wooden Wardrobe Hangers for Coats and Clothes

In the world of luxury and elegance, every detail matters. It's not just about the clothes you wear; it's also about how you store and care for them. This realization hit me recently, leading me to discover Henkerman® Hangers, a brand that promises more than just functionality—they bring an air of sophistication and care to your wardrobe. Let me take you through my journey of transforming my wardrobe space with Henkerman® Hangers, and why I believe they are a must-have for anyone looking to elevate their clothing care.

Henkerman Hangers: The Pinnacle of Wardrobe Elegance Posted on 5 Mar 14:02

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The Henkerman range of classic wardrobe hangers are designed to provide a stunning wardrobe look whilst ensuring your clothes are cared for optimally.  They are sized separately for Men and Women who want their wardrobe to reflect their sense of class and elegance.  A wardrobe space should be a positive reflection of you and enhance your inner feeling of achievement.

Henkerman: 'Best Luxury Clothes Hanger Brand' Posted on 24 Jun 14:46

Award Winner: Best Luxury Clothes Hanger Brand 2021: Henkerman Hangers

Henkerman Wins LUXLife Global Award:
'Best Luxury Clothes Hanger Brand' 

By Michael Wernicke
Henkerman - Stories, News & Exclusives. 


Henkerman hangers was awarded the 'Best Luxury Clothes Hanger Brand' by LUXLife Magazine in the UK as part of their Global Wedding Awards.

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Stunning Wardrobe Ideas to Inspire Posted on 22 Feb 15:57

Henkerman High Quality Hanger Collections - Our Favorite Wardrobe Inspirations

Stunning Wardrobe Ideas to Inspire

Tips For A Beautiful Wardrobe

By Michael Wernicke
Henkerman Stories, News & Exclusives. 


In this article, Henkerman explores the tips and tricks many of the world's top wardrobe designers use to create spaces that inspire. Packed filled with over 20 ideas, this article is a must read for anyone setting out to overhaul their walk-in wardrobe.


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How Valentines Day Came to Be? Posted on 11 Feb 14:26

How Valentines Day Came to Be

How Valentines Day Came To Be? 

By Michael Wernicke
Henkerman - Stories, News & Exclusives. 


In modern times, Valentine’s Day on February 14th is the day most of us recognise to express affection to our lovers with greetings and gifts. However do you know how it all started?

Valentine's Day is named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic priest who lived in Rome in the 3rd Century. There are many stories about St Valentine and over time these stories grew into the legend we know today.

At the time of Valentine's life, many Romans were converting to Christianity, but the Emperor Claudius II was a pagan and created strict laws about what Christians were allowed to do. Claudius believed that Roman soldiers should be completely devoted to Rome and therefore passed a law preventing them from marrying. However, St Valentine began to marry these soldiers in secret Christian ceremonies and this was the beginning of his reputation for believing in the importance of love above all else.


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Who Was Cupid? Posted on 6 Feb 12:48

Who was Cupid? [Henkerman - Classic High Quality Luxury Hangers]

Who Was Cupid? 

By Michael Wernicke
Henkerman - Classic High Quality Luxury Hangers


It may not be something you've thought much about, however now we've asked the question, I bet you're interested to learn a little more about this historic character whose very image signifies Valentines Day love. 

Whilst the mention of the name Cupid typically conjures images of a Cherub like baby wielding a bow and arrow, Eros as he was known to the Greeks and Cupid as he later was renamed by the Romans, struck at the hearts of both gods and mortals alike using his quiver filled with arrows to play with their emotions. Sharp golden arrows would arouse desire, whilst blunt lead arrows would ignite aversion and cause one to flee.



The Coat Hanger Equation Posted on 14 Dec 15:00

By Michael Wernicke

Have you ever added up the value of all your clothing?  Well, I recently went through a closet with a friend and this is what we found.  Now we didn't have all the receipts so we just used our best estimates based on what he could recall.  Nonetheless it would be a reasonable estimation.  For this exercise we only looked at his wardrobe and excluded the things he didn't have hanging up. 
The Clothing Equation - by Henkerman Hangers
So in his wardrobe he had the following (in Australian Dollars): 
5 suits x $900 = $4500 
2 vests x $150 - $300 
6 jackets X $250 = $1500 
15 Office Shirts x $120 = $1800 
10 dress pants x $250 = $2500 
Total: AUD$10,600 

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Checklist for Choosing a Fashion Stylist Posted on 30 Oct 12:13

How to Choose a Fashion Stylist.

By Marianne Reyes | Henkerman.com.au


Did you know that there’s a psychology to dressing well?


Besides simply looking presentable and sporting stylish clothes, dressing well often correlates to self-value. Whilst fashion and styling aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, those whom are fashion forward will know exactly what we mean.


In fact, many people across the globe don’t know how to dress themselves. If you’re one of the people who feel clueless about your personal sense of style, perhaps it’s finally time to take a step towards a better, more fashionable future. Here’s a quick checklist that will help you choose a fashion stylist right for you.


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