2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Posted on 29 Jan 11:34

Drop some massive gift hints or score some points yourself this Valentine’s Day with this fine collection of gift ideas compiled by Rebecca Trattos.


With Valentine’s Day around the corner it is time to start thinking about which gifts to shower your loved one in. You could just grab a bunch of flowers from the service station and add in a box of chocolates… Luckily some awsome people have come to your rescue with some fabulous gift ideas AND a gorgeous give away just in time for Valentine’s Day (see bottom for details).



6 Tips to Care for Designer Garments at Home Posted on 30 Dec 12:31

By Nadine Rich

Tips for Caring for your Designer Wardrobe

While caring for your high-quality clothing at home isn’t always the best idea, there are some tips you can implement that will save you from visiting the cleaners too frequently. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headache by following the directions on the garment labels and following a few steps before and after wear. Check out these easy yet effective tips to help keep your fine garments looking their best for years to come.
Tip 1: Washing
When it comes to cleaning high-quality clothing at home, always start by reading the labels. This simple step will make your life a lot easier and prevent any mishaps. For most delicate and designer clothing, the label will usually state whether it is dry clean only, dry clean, or hand wash. Typically, hand washing with a gentle detergent is a safe option. Also, make sure to treat any stains as soon as possible, try not to let them sit and become ingrained in the fabric.  Furthermore, soaking any stains overnight will help to break down the substance making it easier for you to clean. 

Tip 2: Drying

Always allow your quality clothing to dry naturally. This means not using harsh heating elements which can cause damage to your garments. The best method is to lay your clothing flat on a clean, dry table outside and turn them over every thirty minutes or so for even drying. This method will also prevent mildew or funny smells from collecting in the threads. The other cool thing about air drying is that this will usually work out any wrinkles in the fabric.

Why Orange will never be the New Black in your Closet Posted on 29 Dec 12:15

Why Orange is Never the New Black in your Closet

By Nadine Rich

Whoever said “Orange is the New Black,” clearly doesn’t appreciate how amazing the colour black is! Black is timeless and classic and will never go out of style. The love affair with the colour black has even been proven thanks to a study that surveyed 1000 people and found black as the colour most associated with intelligence, confidence, and sexiness. Let’s take a further look at what makes black such an intriguing colour for both men and women alike.


It’s Flattering

Black has always been known as the most slimming colour, and for good reason! It literally disguises the shadows created by our natural curves and bumps and makes them appear smoother. Additionally, wearing black looks amazing on every single skin tone and body shape. It can make you look more mature or younger depending on the style and can we all agree that it’s just downright sexy?!


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Brief History of Christmas Fashion Posted on 15 Dec 12:37

By Nadine Rich

Brief History of Christmas Fashion

For as long as there have been special occasions, there has been fashion to go along with it. Christmas is no exception, with some - like 'Fashion Santa' above taking it to a whole new level during recent fashion shoots for Toronto's sprawling Yorkdale Shopping Centre. In fact, fashion has played an important role in the development of the modern day holiday - adding to the fun for better or worse in so many of its aspects - think for example those crazy Christmas sweaters. However, it goes without saying that in western society, the most recognizable fashion icon is Santa himself - with his red suit and white fur trim - he's instantly recognizable in an outfit representative of his great warmth and generosity.


Quality Hangers - The Perfect Gift Idea Posted on 27 Nov 13:34

By Nadine Rich

Quality Hangers - The Perfect Gift Idea

The holiday season is officially here and you know what that means! It’s time to get a head start on your Christmas shopping list. If you’re anything like us, you're bound to have a couple of people on your list who are hard to shop for. They are the type of person who seems to have everything and give absolutely no hints as to what they might want for a gift. If you find you have someone on your list that is exactly as described then perhaps a hint at the perfect gift is hanging right in your closet.



Tips for a Fresh Smelling Wardrobe Posted on 23 Nov 13:30

By Daniela Pisciottano

Tips for a Great Smelling Wardrobe

According to Oxford University, the way we smell when we first meet a potential new partner is the most important factor determining sexual attraction. We all like smelling good and there is nothing worse than picking up clean clothes from our wardrobe and realizing that they don’t smell as fresh as they should when we wear them.



The Life and Times of Vera Wang: how the designer built her success Posted on 23 Oct 21:47

By Daniela Pisciottano

The Life and Times of Vera Wang

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you will have probably heard the name of Vera Wang at least once.

The designer is in fact known to most for her bridal wear, however she also produces a range of haute couture fashion for red carpets and other exclusive events. She has designed dresses for many celebrities, from Katy Perry to Rita Ora, always bringing together the traditional elegance that distinguished her style, with modern designs.

This is just what most of us now about Vera Wang but there is more to her!
Did you know why Vera decided to start a career in fashion? When did this happen?

In an interview with The Fashion Spot she explains the origins of her career and love for fashion, so, to give you a taste of who Vera Wang is, we will draw from the most reliable source: her!


History Of The Clothes Hanger Posted on 08 Aug 17:25

By Michael Wernicke

 History of the Clothes Hanger

You probably rarely give it much thought, however did you realise there is hardly a product you use as much as your clothes hangers. Most of us use them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For many they lovingly support our clothing investment - often hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth - some of our most prized possessions. Socially speaking this invention has given us the ability to evolve in today's consumerist society - enabling us to buy more precious clothing from our fashion conscious cities and storing them in our over crowded dwelling spaces.

So have you ever stopped to consider where the clothes hanger originally came from? Who originally invented this humble little device? What year was it invented?

Clothes Hanger Sketch

Whilst some historians believe that the third President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson, invented a crude predecessor to the coat hanger, it is widely believed that today’s coat hangers with the hook and shoulder shape was inspired sometime later following the invention of the coat hook by O.A. North of Connecticut, USA in 1869. So pretty recently really.

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The Clothing Equation Posted on 16 May 14:02

By Michael Wernicke

Have you ever added up the value of all your clothing?  Well, I recently went through a closet with a friend and this is what we found.  Now we didn't have all the receipts so we just used our best estimates based on what he could recall.  Nonetheless it would be a reasonable estimation.  For this exercise we only looked at his wardrobe and excluded the things he didn't have hanging up. 
The Clothing Equation - by Henkerman Hangers
So in his wardrobe he had the following (in Australian Dollars): 
5 suits x $900 = $4500 
2 vests x $150 - $300 
6 jackets X $250 = $1500 
15 Office Shirts x $120 = $1800 
10 dress pants x $250 = $2500 
Total: AUD$10,600 

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Be the Apple of their Eye Posted on 24 Aug 15:46

By Michael Wernicke

Be the Apple of their Eye on Fathers Day

Walk into most be people's closets and you might get one of these types of reactions:
- Wow, they've got nice clothes, but it's pretty packed in there
- Wow, they've got old clothes, and there's so much space
However, how often do you go into someone's wardrobe and think to yourself, great clothes - but man - they are some nasty looking, messed up clothes hangers.  I'll bet it's probably not your first observation.  However now that I've pointed it out, why don't you go and snoop around at a few closets - you will be totally amazed at the craziness.  It might even make you start questioning a few friendships!
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