The Life and Times of Vera Wang: How the Designer Built her Success. Posted on 23 Oct 21:47

By Daniela Pisciottano

The Life and Times of Vera Wang

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you will have probably heard the name of Vera Wang at least once.

The designer is in fact known to most for her bridal wear, however she also produces a range of haute couture fashion for red carpets and other exclusive events. She has designed dresses for many celebrities, from Katy Perry to Rita Ora, always bringing together the traditional elegance that distinguished her style, with modern designs.

This is just what most of us now about Vera Wang but there is more to her!
Did you know why Vera decided to start a career in fashion? When did this happen?

In an interview with The Fashion Spot she explains the origins of her career and love for fashion, so, to give you a taste of who Vera Wang is, we will draw from the most reliable source: her!