How to Choose your Next Suit Posted on 5 Apr 19:40

Guest Blogger: Clare Sheng - The Fitting Room

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Off the Rack

Most people prefer to buy off the rack suits. You can try on different shapes and cuts, touch the fabric for quality, and wear it right away. There is a huge variety of options, from $300 wool blends, to $6000 Italian-made cashmere. However, if you are not a conventional shape, or if you want the suit to be heavily tailored, then be prepared to put away around $100 to $250 for alterations.



There is an emerging tide of online tailors on the men's fashion scene. These businesses offer less expensive suits, as they're usually based overseas. If you are after a matching set of groomsmen suits, or just want something different for work, online ordering may be the way to go.

Make sure you know your sizes. Get a comprehensive list of required measurements from the business, and have professional tailor like The Fitting Room measure you. It is a good idea to send them pictures of yourself from different angles to make sure they cut the suit to your body shape.


Custom Made

There are now more than 10 custom made tailors in Brisbane. You will meet with a stylist who will help you design the suit, and select the fabric. The suits are made overseas, then fitted and altered here in Brisbane. Custom made suits can vary from $750 to $18,000. The price is determined by the craftsmanship, and quality of fabric. If you have trouble finding suits off the rack to suit your shape, try having it custom made to ensure it fits you perfectly. 


The Fitting Room has worked with different retailers from all types of services. They would be happy to advise you on the best option when purchasing your next suit. Follow the link below to get in touch.



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