Changing Seasons: 7 Simple Steps to your Dream Wardrobe Posted on 19 May 08:45

By Michael Wernicke - Henkerman CEO

Whether you're in the northern hemisphere and looking to put away/cull your jackets or sweaters, or you're in the southern hemisphere and needing space to add them back in, we thought it was time to give you 7 - ever so simple - tips for glamorizing your beloved wardrobe space.

Tip 1: Clean up.  
Start by emptying out your closet, vacuuming and and wiping it clean. This will prepare your canvass!

Tip 2: Pick out your 'capsule' collection.
What is a capsule collection? Well put simply, a capsule wardrobe is a collection of the essential items you love and wear that don't go out of fashion. These can be skirts, shirts, trousers, coats and shoes that don't go out of fashion and can worked with your more seasonal pieces. They tend to be your white/black/grey fabrics, your denim together with your brown and black leather. Be sure that they all fit perfectly.

Tip 3: Sort your remaining clothes into four piles.
A) Love it - this season.
B) Love it - another season.
C) I can't decide.
D) Time to go.

Tip 4: Dealing with each pile. 
A) Leave the 'Love it for this Season' on your bed for now.  
B) Store your 'Love it for next season' to a secondary wardrobe in another room, or a portable wardrobe in a storage area.  Always try store them in a way that cares for them. For example, leave jackets hanging.  Before storing them take the opportunity to remove the dust.
C) Now take the 'I Can't Decide' items and store them in a bag or a box. You will give these items 1 or 2 more seasons only - until your next wardrobe clean. If you still won't wear them, they will hit your 'Time to go' pile next time.
D) Finally, your 'Time to go' pile will be put into bags and you can decide on these three options: Donate. Give to Friends or Family. Throw Away.

Tip 5: Now deal with your 'Love it for this season'.
You should now decide if you want to wash or dry clean these items. Particularly for pieces that you are rediscovering, this process will remove any stale odors and make you feel like that piece is brand new again. If you get things dry cleaned, you can even leave them them in the plastic so you feel you're breaking out a brand new item when next you go to wear it.

Tip 6: Your Hangers.
Before you go and put your remaining items back in the closet, we want you to cull your old non-matching, ugly and uninspiring clothes hangers. Yes, you knew we would say that! However we mean it. You will feel like a million dollars. Even if you don't invest in Henkerman hangers, we beg you to please invest in the best hangers you can find, that care for your clothes, preferable flocked and matching. It genuinely will make an enormous difference to the final outcome and the longevity of your clothing.  

Tip 7: Make a Wardrobe Plan.
Prior to putting your clothes back into your wardrobe, make a plan. Partition your wardrobe so your work clothes do not clash with your leisure clothes. This is really important to creating a great feeling about your wardrobe. At the end of the day, you don't want to keep being reminded of work whenever you're getting dressed to have some fun. It probably goes without saying that you want to also group your clothing by type. Plan to hang your shirts together, your trousers together, skirts, dresses, jackets, suits, belts, scarves and so on. Once you have your plan and you have your hangers sorted, put everything back into the wardrobe. Be sure to have all your hangers facing the same way and evenly spaced for best effect. Use the hanger's swivel hooks to put certain items on display and more visible. Now stand back and be inspired by your fantastic work!

It will be totally worth it. Repeat this process every 3 or 6 months and you will have your very own #dreamwardrobe and have achieved that elusive #closetgoal of your own :) Don't forget to take glamorous photos to share with your friends and followers on social media and inspire them to do the same.



This Article Written by Henkerman. 

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