Spring clean your wardrobe and feel fantastic! Posted on 6 Aug 15:31

By Michael Wernicke

Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

One of the things you realise about getting a brand new clothes hanger collection is that it inspires you.  We go to our tired old, often dust filled wardrobe space at least a couple of times a day typically - well at least to put your clothes on and then to put them away again.  We routinely overlook our wardrobe as we tend to be stuck in our heads - normally either rushing and mentally preparing for work or trying to clear our minds of it at the end of the day.

However, one of the most inspirational things you can do, is to go to that tired old wardrobe space with a reason to clear it out.  Take those old clothes to the charity foundations (or dare we say the bin) and actually give it a makeover.  When you invest in your Henkerman hanger collection, this will be the exact thing you'll feel like doing.  You can't put a Renoir in a town library!  Well the same goes for a beautiful new set of hand made wooden hangers in and old tired wardrobe space.  As a result you'll probably find yourself doing a spring clean of old clothes you really no longer wear and freeing up space to make your new Henkerman collection take pride of place - elevating your whole feeling while you're at it.  You might even find it inspires you to lift your game in so many other ways! 

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This Article Written by Henkerman. 

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