Be the Apple of their Eye Posted on 24 Aug 15:46

By Michael Wernicke

Be the Apple of their Eye on Fathers Day

Walk into most be people's closets and you might get one of these types of reactions:
- Wow, they've got nice clothes, but it's pretty packed in there
- Wow, they've got old clothes, and there's so much space
However, how often do you go into someone's wardrobe and think to yourself, great clothes - but man - they are some nasty looking, messed up clothes hangers.  I'll bet it's probably not your first observation.  However now that I've pointed it out, why don't you go and snoop around at a few closets - you will be totally amazed at the craziness.  It might even make you start questioning a few friendships!
Somehow people just seem to overlook their hangers altogether.  The sad part is, there are not many products which get used as much as your clothes hangers.  They are pretty much at work 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  More than that, the average person will actually visit their closet 2-4 times a day, at least to get dressed and get undressed and handle their hanger collections numerous times in the process.
You know we spend thousands of dollars on our clothes (for some of you that could be monthly), yet you may not even think about it much, but we take our designer Alexander Wang or Christopher Esber obsession items and throw them on to cheap hangers which do not properly care for your clothes in shape nor in form.  We then find ourselves deciding that it 'just doesn't fit like it used to' and now I want something brand new.  In addition, we'll go to our closet filled with these cheap hangers every morning that not only - don't care for our clothes - but importantly do not do anything to inspire us to conquer the world in any way - they look miserable.
Well no-one likes to see anyone uninspired do they.  So be an inspired gift-giver and get your loved one a glorious set of Men's or Women's luxurious matching Coat, Shirt and Pant hangers.  You'll be the apple of their eye!   Get started shopping for Classic Henkerman Clothes Hangers 



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