5 Things that 'Make or Break' a Wardrobe Space Posted on 13 Aug 16:07

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Some say our clothes are the extension of our personalities. How about your wardrobe space and does it really reflect the best representation of yourself? If someone should take a peep at your closet, will they see an organized one, including color-coded sections, or will it be something jumbled?

Suppose you’re the former - well congratulations! You’ve perfected the art of organizing your closet. However if you're not there yet, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered with a few simple tips.

Let’s step back and take a much closer look at the top reasons you might be flustered about your closet.


What exactly is inside a wardrobe anyway besides the usual clothing, shoes, ties, jackets and a normal wide array of clothes hangers? Will we be surprised if we find something like a “lost” pen in your underwear drawer? If the answer is no, it’s probably time to rethink the actual purpose of your closet. And consider a container for all your pens in the house. Just remember: Keep the clothes in and everything else out.


Dust and mold

Oof, someone call 911 and get us a dehumidifier in here! When a cramped closet exudes build-up moisture and gathers dust, it’s a surefire way to get smelly and dirty clothes everywhere. Much to our horror, dust and mold can creep up just like that! And no, it’s not exactly the sight or smell we want to see on anything we plan to wear, especially for those more glamorous special occasions.



Most of us are guilty of having found a glove without its pair. Meanwhile, only some of us would be lucky to find the other one after much digging. For the rest of us? We can only hope it turns up soon. And when it does show up under your couch, you think, how did it even get there? No one knows. It will remain a mystery.


Bad hangers

We’ve seen this all across town. Be it in a neighbor’s house, a friend from multiple blocks away, and even your own home. Having no quality hangers is a disaster waiting to happen. Without them, it makes it challenging to see all the clothes you own. Folding and stacking clothes is good practice, but properly using quality coat hangers will not only make your wardrobe look impeccable but will ensure your precious clothes are properly cared for.


Forgotten clothes

Remember that old college shirt you got way back? No? It’s peeking sadly from the corner of your closet, possibly damaged as it’s half-hinged and drooping from your unsightly hanger collection. (Oops! Didn’t see that there.) We’ve all had similar “I almost forgot I bought this” moments, and we can all relate to it! It’s as if every time we do a surprise inspection on our closets, clothes we can’t recall buying or wearing show up in a pile. Just like magic, they really need to *disappear* right out of here.


What to do now?

No, you don’t have to be a genius organizer. There’s no need for you to refurnish or renovate anything. However, your clothes do come with proper care. Perhaps the first step is to sort out pieces, arrange the clothes by category, and assess their needs.


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