6 Tips to Care for Designer Garments at Home Posted on 30 Dec 12:31

By Nadine Rich

Tips for Caring for your Designer Wardrobe

While caring for your high-quality clothing at home isn’t always the best idea, there are some tips you can implement that will save you from visiting the cleaners too frequently. You can save yourself a lot of time, money, and headache by following the directions on the garment labels and following a few steps before and after wear. Check out these easy yet effective tips to help keep your fine garments looking their best for years to come.
Tip 1: Washing
When it comes to cleaning high-quality clothing at home, always start by reading the labels. This simple step will make your life a lot easier and prevent any mishaps. For most delicate and designer clothing, the label will usually state whether it is dry clean only, dry clean, or hand wash. Typically, hand washing with a gentle detergent is a safe option. Also, make sure to treat any stains as soon as possible, try not to let them sit and become ingrained in the fabric.  Furthermore, soaking any stains overnight will help to break down the substance making it easier for you to clean.


Tip 2: Drying

Always allow your quality clothing to dry naturally. This means not using harsh heating elements which can cause damage to your garments. The best method is to lay your clothing flat on a clean, dry table outside and turn them over every thirty minutes or so for even drying. This method will also prevent mildew or funny smells from collecting in the threads. The other cool thing about air drying is that this will usually work out any wrinkles in the fabric.


Tip 3: Hanging
Most of us are aware that you shouldn’t hang delicate clothing on wire hangers but you may not know exactly why that is. The number one factor is rust. Not only is rust ugly but it is extremely difficult to remove. Trust us, it’s better to avoid it altogether! Secondly, wire hangers are so flimsy most of your time will be spent re-hanging your clothing that is continuously slipping off. As if that wasn’t enough, with wire hangers your clothing is at constant risk of snagging. That twisted part of the hanger neck shows no mercy when it comes to snagging your most expensive or favourite garments. Bottom line here… invest in quality hangers. 

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Tip 4: Storage
Proper storage of your high-quality clothing is a huge aspect of keeping them in tip-top shape. At first thought, you may be tempted to hang it up in plastic or throw it in a crate but there’s a bit more involved in order to protect the material. We are sure you would agree, that purchasing quality clothing is an investment.  Likewise, so is investing in the proper products to protect them. For example, garment bags made of breathable materials such as muslin and acid-free tissue paper are both great options to assist in storing your expensive garments.


Tip 5: Tips for Men

There are certain areas of a man’s shirts that require special care to protect and clean. You probably already know what areas we are referring to - the neck, underarms, and wrist area. After use, it’s a good idea to pre-wash these areas along with any other spots to ensure the best results during the wash and prevent dirt buildup.

Make it a point to wash your hands often when wearing designer clothes to prevent unnecessary dirt and stains from making its way to your clothing. This means, after eating, restroom breaks, and outdoor activities, take a few seconds to wash your hands, including under the nails.

Know the proper way to iron your collared shirts. Make sure the shirt is completely clean. Even the slightest amount of dirt, when ironed, can become ingrained in the fabric and prove to be difficult to remove. Start with the collar, then the body of the shirt, and finally the sleeves. Be careful not to iron over the buttons and hang immediately on a wooden hanger.

Tip 6: Tips for Women

Apply creams, deodorants, and sprays before putting on your high-end garments. This way, you don't risk staining your delicate clothing as these products can ruin them.

Never hang knitted, beaded, lacy, or sequined designer dresses. These items should be folded to avoid snags and stretching. Use an acid-free tissue paper between them.

Keep closets ventilated and airy. As tempting as it may be when trying to fit it all in, it's important not to pack your closet tightly, especially when your expensive and high-quality garments are involved.

When hanging garments, turn them inside out to protect the front. Also, instead of ironing, try hanging your clothes in the bathroom while you shower. The heat will help the wrinkles to fall out.


By purchasing the proper tools, taking preventative measures, and investing a little extra time to care, you can prolong the lifespan of your high-quality clothing. We hope that they may continue to be worn for special occasions, creating wonderful memories that you can look back on. Henkerman is committed to helping you in preserving your most prized investments. Don't forget to follow us on social media and subscribe to our mailing list for all our latest pictures, news and exclusive VIP specials.



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