Very Big Lessons from a Very Small Dog Posted on 16 Nov 17:44

This post is a memorial to our beautiful little Henkerman mascot 'Ari Gold' shown in the picture below - who passed away (12th November 2015).  He was taken all to soon in a vicious attack by another much larger dog - 20 times his weight.  Ari was a 2kg - 10 Month old Chihuahua who was attacked and killed just one week after moving to a small farm in Highvale, Queensland (near Samford Valley) from the City of Brisbane.  It was hoped that Ari would gain access to nature and experience much greater levels of freedom than in the city - where he was brought up.

This is a very short tribute to the most beautiful of little treasures one could ever know - who meant so much to all involved with Henkerman.

Ari Gold - Henkerman Hanger Super Model

Ari was the most amazing little companion and of course an excellent little Henkerman model as you can see by the picture.  I never realised the true and deep connection that could develop between man and dog in such a short period of time (I had him 8 Months).  I hadn't had a dog since I was a young teenage boy and around 30 years on, I think my relationship with this pet was certainly very different by comparison.  Ari Gold (yes he was named after the Entourage character), was just as confident and feisty as the character you may remember from the TV show.  Yet like all things with a short fuse, he also had the biggest heart and most lovable temperament I have ever come to know.  Whilst building the Henkerman business my little friend Ari would sit on my lap as I typed at my computer - this is how he spent his final afternoon in fact.  Every now and then he would simply look up and stare into my eyes and I never was quite sure why - though perhaps it was his sheer wonderment about life.  He fulfilled me and made me realise that so much of what we strive for in life is simply of secondary importance than for being there for one another.  He showed me how possible it was to live a happy life only focused on the most basic of elements - the grass he walked on, the insects he would try and catch, the small objects he would play with (he loved socks).  He could make so much out of so little.  Importantly he showed me how living in the 'present' made life so simple and yet so fulfilling. 

I want the memory of Ari to live on.  If you ever want to see pictures of Ari Gold, we will keep his Instagram page alive forever - I guess this is one of the beauties of the digital age. You can visit Ari's Facebook page hereHe also has a gorgeous Instagram page here.

To all of you out there who have ever experienced the loss of an amazing pet you loved to the end of the earth - I now understand and am living the pain you must have felt.  I have been trying to learn from my grief as painful as it is - as it is not something we are ever taught how to properly handle.  For me, I have learnt that consistently reaching out to people in times of grieving is a very good thing to do - as grieving alone for too long can make the pain seem even greater. 

In my loving memory of Ari 'Jaime' Gold (born near Caboolture - Queensland, Australia - 20th December 2014).

Michael Wernicke (Founder)

PS. His middle name 'Jaime' was his birth name - given by his birth family - named after Jaime Lannister in Game of Thrones.

PPS. If you have ever considered owning a Long Haired Chihuahua, I of course couldn't recommend more.  That said, please take moment to read a couple of excellent articles to get the full run down on the dog breed and how to care for them best.



This Article Written by Henkerman. 

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