Checklist for Choosing a Fashion Stylist Posted on 30 Oct 12:13

How to Choose a Fashion Stylist.

By Marianne Reyes |


Did you know that there’s a psychology to dressing well?


Besides simply looking presentable and sporting stylish clothes, dressing well often correlates to self-value. Whilst fashion and styling aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, those whom are fashion forward will know exactly what we mean.


In fact, many people across the globe don’t know how to dress themselves. If you’re one of the people who feel clueless about your personal sense of style, perhaps it’s finally time to take a step towards a better, more fashionable future. Here’s a quick checklist that will help you choose a fashion stylist right for you.


If you're from Australia, at the end of the article, we've done some research for you and we're going to recommend a great stylist in your state to help you on your way!


1.    Affordability and Budget

Not everyone needs a personal stylist, but if you feel that having one might connect you better in your social circles, attract a better mate or increase your professional profile, then this will be money well spent! So how much should you pay a fashion professional to fix your wardrobe? Well this really boils down to how much help you need, where you are living and the type of style you are looking to adopt.  The bigger priority this is for you, the more you should be prepared to spend. However the good news is an excellent stylist need not cost you an arm and a leg.


2.    Relationship with Mainstream and Independent labels

An excellent personal stylist should be able to give you a wide array of options depending on your preference. Fashion is not necessarily about knowing only the big names. A personal stylist should also explore local boutiques and independent brands with you. This way, you’ll have more options in terms of budget and style, which will definitely help you down the track.


3.    Knowledge Fashion Styling, Buying & Care

It’s inevitable: Your stylist will rummage through your existing closet and see what you already have. Along the way they'll of course also take note of the wardrobe hanger collection caring for your your clothes - we at Henkerman of course would say that :)  


Every stylist should however not only know how to buy and style for you but also advise you how to best care for and store your precious new clothes. Therefore choose a stylist with knowledge of clothes care. For example, have they had experience using high quality hanger collections, as opposed to everyday laundry hangers? A personal fashion stylist should also be able to recommend products you can invest in, from clothes to fashion accessories and also clothing care.


4.    Portfolio

Don’t hesitate to look at their past works. Dive in there and ask questions. Know about their network and their approach to fashion ethics. Having your own fashion stylist can get personal, so get to know them first through their work and professional history before engaging in a professional relationship.


To Sum Up

Fashion styling is a complex and competitive industry that exists right under our noses. Their expertise however is often very under-utilised to help us discover what looks good and best represents us. Stylists thrive in making you look good and knowing what fits your personality, no matter your body shape or age.


We get it. It can be intimidating and feel like a bold step to get out there and find a stylist to help lift your fashion game.  So begin by asking around for help from your friends or for trusted recommendations. Start slowly and surely. Pace yourself; there’s no rush. Have fun in the process! Good luck!



Stylists we love!

Henkerman interacts with stylists from across Australia to help get style transformations moving. Here are a couple that we highly recommend you try:


Josephine Eve - Sydney, Australia
Josephine is a personal fashion stylist in Sydney highly trained in body shape styling, wardrobe styling, personal shopping and image consulting.

Christina Robert - Melbourne, Australia

Christina Robert is a leading fashion stylist in Melbourne who works internationally with all genders. She specialises in building you the ‘Style Edge’,  getting your finest style details just right.

Christina’s process has been successful 100% of the time due to her fun, dynamic and empathetic way with clients. Her services extend from image consultations, to complete head to toe makeovers. Her services take personal styling a step further than others. ‘Clients often tell me their styling experience has changed their lives.’




This Article Written by Henkerman. 

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