Henkerman Hangers: The Pinnacle of Wardrobe Elegance Posted on 5 Mar 14:02


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The Henkerman range of classic wardrobe hangers are designed to provide a stunning wardrobe look whilst ensuring your clothes are cared for optimally.  They are sized separately for Men and Women who want their wardrobe to reflect their sense of class and elegance.  A wardrobe space should be a positive reflection of you and enhance your inner feeling of achievement.

With your best clothes hanging for 99% of their lifetime, there are few products you'll ever use more than your hangers.  The fact is, gravity constantly impacts your clothes and your hanger design quality directly impacts their perfect fit and lifespan. Poor quality hangers simply mean clothes will lose their shape faster and you'll ultimately get fewer wears - costing you money.

Henkerman® hangers have the following features & benefits:
1. Beauty: Our hangers epitomise classic design, luxury, elegance & beauty.
2. Wardrobe Harmony: Synchronized matching hanger sets create a stunning wardrobe effect.
3. Right Size: Hangers are separately sized for Men’s and Women’s clothes.
4. Functional: Our hanger designs are specifically suited to care for each clothing type.
5. Clothes Care: Our hanger widths & velvet flock designs maintain optimal clothing shape.
6. Workmanship – Hangers are hand crafted and strictly quality checked.
7. Long Life: Hangers are solid European hardwood, durable and built to last a generation.
8. Personalisation: Hangers can be Personalised with Names/Brands and Gift Boxed.
9. Extendable: We continuously build new collection additions over time.
10. Sustainable: FSC Certified production. Henkerman donates to reforestation efforts globally.
11. Forever Care: We will always look after your concerns.