Why 'Spring Cleaning' is for any Change of Season! Posted on 25 Sep 10:56

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By Marianne Reyes | Image by @starrieskybooks (IG)


Ahhh, the new season! If it happens to be Spring - its time to open the windows and let the air through. However as you look around and take it all in, you might just be greeted by unsightly dirt, dust, and clutter that is begging you to clean up! You can’t even remember the last time you dusted the skirting boards right?


It happens to all of us as we forget the importance of a major general clean of our home. However a good all over clean really should be done routinely. Here are some simple reasons why being consistent with a big clean especially in the change of seasons will make for a better life in the long run!


Cleaning your home, protects your home

By keeping your home clean, you observe and therefore can preserve its structure. Making this change of seasons clean a routine, helps you check roof leaks, prevent wood infestations, consider the plumbing, and perhaps find the screws that need to be changed (for security and safety purposes).


Not only that, here’s the time to replace extremely old kitchenware, to change batteries, to get home appliances fixed, and to keep thick layers of dust from accumulating. Also, disinfect! You can never be too sure about bacteria that may be lingering.


You'll hoard less

Sometimes we make the mistake of putting a sentimental value on everything we own, or perhaps you shop way more than you should. Yet, why keep old and worn out stuff? There are so many ways to declutter - especially in a closet for example. Donate old clothes to charity, turn them into household rags, or even try your hand at making a no-sew blanket for a bit of craft.


Meanwhile, depending on your style and fashion choices, try create a seasonal wardrobe, cull those out of season clothes and limit your wardrobe to the things you'll actually wear over the coming months. Caring for your clothes means caring about their proper storage, too. Reward your well-loved clothes with high quality elegant wooden hangers, like those from Henkerman, to ensure that they retain their shape over time and you can keep them longer. In this way, you get to be fashionable and sustainable.


Checking the dates, keeps you healthier

Newsflash: Expiration dates are real, and if past, use at your own peril. From the cupboard to your vanity, we must check every item’s validity. It is essential to check the dates of the food we stock up on and eat, and the products we use for our skin. By doing this, you keep yourself healthy from within. You stay clear of allergic reactions and might even skip a dose of food poisoning.


Spring cleaning is all-year round

“Spring cleaning” is a broad term. What’s ideal is that you pretty much practice this on a regular basis, not only during Spring time! Do it at the change of seasons in Autumn, Winter, and Summer as well. This will make life better for your family, you'll feel much more organised and you'll all stay healthier and happier. 


Create a schedule around your home’s needs, from top to bottom, in every corner. And no, nobody’s challenging you to do all of this on your own in a single day! Do a little over a few days, room by room, until it all just feels natural to you. Allocate a few jobs out to family if you can. In the long run, you’ll see that it’s less tiring to do it seasonally because there will be overall less to do. When its all done, sit back and open the windows again to bask in the success of your handy work!