Tips for a Fresh Smelling Wardrobe Posted on 23 Nov 13:30

By Daniela Pisciottano

Tips for a Great Smelling Wardrobe

According to Oxford University, the way we smell when we first meet a potential new partner is the most important factor determining sexual attraction. We all like smelling good and there is nothing worse than picking up clean clothes from our wardrobe and realizing that they don’t smell as fresh as they should when we wear them.

To always have fresh clothes you should make sure to let them dry completely before putting them in the closet after folding your laundry and, to add extra fresh smell, here are some tricks.

If you are afraid of musty odours in your wardrobe, vodka is a great helper! Mix it with water in a one-to-one ratio and spray it over the smelly surfaces. Leave your wardrobe open for a few hours and make sure to ventilate the room. Once you’ve gotten rid of the bad odour, put your clothes back in the wardrobe and add some scent. You can do so by spraying your favourite perfume on some cotton balls and putting them in your closet and drawers, this way both the wardrobe and your clothes will absorb the scent, getting a fresher smell.

To prevent musty odours, leave your wardrobe and drawers open for a couple of hours per day, so that your clothes can breathe and the air in the wardrobe doesn’t get stale. Drier sheets
After doing your laundry, keep your drier sheets and place them in your wardrobe so that the fresh smell of clothing detergent will keep your clothes fresh. This way you won’t even have to worry about clashing scents between your laundry detergent and the perfume you put in your wardrobe!

Bar soap
If you want to give a fresher scent to your clothes, get a box and put them in it. Cover the garments with a breathable napkin and put a bar soap on top of it. Close the box and wait for a few hours. Keep your wardrobe open and ventilated in the meantime so that, when you get your fresh-smelling clothes you can put them back in.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to buy a specific product, rather than trying these DIY methods, Febreze is ideal to give your clothes a fresh scent as well as lavender sprays, which keep your garments smelling nice in the wardrobe. Air fresheners also work well in closets, just make sure to choose a delicate scent, as strong ones might work in the opposite way, making your clothes smell too much like perfume.



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