Why Orange will never be the New Black in your Closet Posted on 29 Dec 12:15

Why Orange will never be the new Black in your Closet

By Nadine Rich

Whoever said “Orange is the New Black,” clearly doesn’t appreciate how amazing the colour black is! Black is timeless and classic and will never go out of style. The love affair with the colour black has even been proven thanks to a study that surveyed 1000 people and found black as the colour most associated with intelligence, confidence, and sexiness. Let’s take a further look at what makes black such an intriguing colour for both men and women alike.


It’s Flattering

Black has always been known as the most slimming colour, and for good reason! It literally disguises the shadows created by our natural curves and bumps and makes them appear smoother. Additionally, wearing black looks amazing on every single skin tone and body shape. It can make you look more mature or younger depending on the style and can we all agree that it’s just downright sexy?!


It’s Versatile

There’s a reason the vast majority of ladies own a “little black dress.” From date night, office wear, and black tie events, black will always be an acceptable and classy colour choice. You can always dress it up for a special occasion or dress it down for a fun, casual look. Also, black has no season! Winter, spring, summer, or fall, black is the color for them all (see what I did there?!).


It’s a Perfect Match

If you suffer from color blindness or admittedly have no fashion sense, then black is the colour for you! It literally matches every other colour and allows you to explore your fashion curiosity with textures and accessories. Ironically, however, as any lover of black would know, there are different colours of black ( grey-black, faded black, charcoal, jet black, etc.), so beware!


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It’s a Great Disguise

Black hides stains, dirt, and sweat better than any other colour! We all have our off days, clumsy days and such, so in the event of an important job interview or dream date, take our advice- wear black! This way if you spill something or someone spills something on you, no need to worry. Wearing black can literally save the day.


It’s A Statement Color

Despite the bad rap it often gets, this statement colour (or non-colour?) represents so many positive characteristics. Power, confidence, and professionalism are just a few that immediately come to mind. Mystery, fashion-forward, and attractiveness are also associated with the colour. For some people black is also a way of expressing oneself as a rebel, which can also be a great quality.


Let’s celebrate all the reasons black will forever reign as the champion of colour style with these quotes about wearing the colour black!


Why Orange will Never be the New Black




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